Our Focus
Training and Mentoring
Help every new church to have a DNA of multiplication by identifying capable men and women and help them through discipleship and coaching  to reach full potential by working alongside them.
Continue oversight assistance after they have learned to lead their congregations.
Evangelism and Church Planting
Evangelism and church planting among Muslim communities in Bukeeka, Uganda
Having successfully planted thirteen churches in Uganda in the last six years, we strive to plant at least two churches a year by reaching out to these communities through crusades, door to door evangelism, and doing social work such as helping needy children and the elderly.
Transformational Development
Provide chickens, goats and seeds to the needy people in these communities so they can raise these animals or crops to improve their living standards.
Then, encourage these beneficiaries to help others who are in need.
Our Ministries under
Fountain of Hope
  • ​​FOUNTAIN OF HOPE SCHOOLS - We have built and maintain primary and secondary Christian education schools for local children, as well as developing a  Bible School (BEST).
  • DISCIPLESHIP/EVANGELISM - Evangelism campaigns, church planting, leadership development. To date we have planted 12 churches.
  • CHILD SPONSORSHIP - Ministering to the orphans in our school.
  • BLESSING PROJECT - Ministering to the elderly.
  • YOUTH MINISTRY - Ministering to hurting Muslims.
  • FARMING DEVELOPMENT MINISTRY - Developing Bukeeka's agricultural potential.  Robert has developed a 2 acre pineapple farm and is now starting passion fruit growth. Encouraging people to grow crops to generate income.

Fountain of Hope Baptism


Fountain of Hope Church in Bukeeka

Pineapple and passion fruit farms for generating income.
Fountain of Hope Bible School