Gifts of Love and Need

Select a gift below to give to the people of Uganda and help Fountain of Hope fulfill the enormous needs of their communities and churches.

Choose one or more of these gifts below to give.  Make your check payable to:
Faith & Learning International
209 East Liberty
Wheaton, IL  60187

Include a message that it is for: Fountain of Hope - Robert Sityo

  1. Soccer Ball
    Soccer Ball
    For a gift of $50, Pastor Robert's wife, Sarah who oversees the school of 1000 students, will be able to get a heavy duty soccer ball for a class to enjoy
  2. The gift of food
    The gift of food
    $10 will buy a chicken for someone needy in the community so the family can eat and sell eggs
  3. Education
    Your gift of $30 will provide one month of education for a Muslim girl who otherwise financially would not be able to attend.
  4. Goat for income
    Goat for income
    For your gift of $75, Pastor Robert can give a family a goat to raise as a way to get income.
  5. Seeds for planting
    Seeds for planting
    Families would benefit by a gift of seeds so they can grow food. A gift of $30 will provide seeds for two families.
  6. Mosquito Bed Netting
    Mosquito Bed Netting
    We would like to provide a mosquito bed net to protect families from mosquitoes and getting malaria. $20 will buy a net.
  1. School Books
    School Books
    For a gift of $40, Sarah will be able to purchase two new textbooks for an under-sourced classroom.
  2. The gift of The Word
    The gift of The Word
    For $30, we can get two Bibles to be made available for new believers in our church who want to know The Word.
  3. The gift of transportation
    The gift of transportation
    A generous $100 gift would provide transportation in the form of a bike to a pastor who travels to preach the Gospel
  4. Sewing
    For $300, we could provide a widow with a sewing machine so she can earn a living for her family.

Fountain of Hope Ministries
Bukeeka, Uganda